Hello Again

Hi, I hope that everyone is well and had a great summer. It’s been a while since my last correspondence. In the interim, some good things have been happening. My music is being played more and more around the world and the hits to my websites as you can see have been growing - As of today: 350,648 hits here on my main site and 18,085 hits on myspace. In addition, I am now on Facebook. The song that I wrote for my Dad has been receiving many warm compliments. I also received some good news this week. I was voted Artist of the Month for November on the Netherlands internet radio station, The Starliners. You can hear the special broadcast by going to www.starliners.net . On the right side of the page is a scroll and under my picture is a music box. Just click on it and up I come - lol. You may also listen to this special on the podcast by clicking this link: http://starliners.podomatic.com/enclosure/2009-10-29T00_36_18-07_00.mp3 In addition, I’ve been nominated for The Starliners Artist of the Year Indie Award 2010. In the near future, I will once again be asking for your support and would greatly appreciate your votes. I’ll keep you posted. That’s it for now my friends. Have a wonderful weekend and many thanks for your continued support. Much Love, Joe