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Hi Folks, Hope that everyone is doing fine! I received a bit of good news today. I've been nominated for the third time for Artist of the Year on the Dutch radio station, The Starliners. The voting begins on June 1st. If you have the time I would greatly appreciate your vote. I will be noting the exact website voting information as soon as I receive it. Below is a clip from the email that The Starliners' sent me informing me of my nomination. That's it for now - talk to you soon. Take care & have a great weekend, Joe The Starliners -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear Artist, For the third time in history we present The Starliners Indie Award, the Award for the most popular Artist on our station, in 2006 won by Jerry Schickling and in 2007 won by Petrella. Like every year our DJ's nominates 10 Artists, based on: Airtime, Requests and Contact with the Artist. The Nominees are: Wes and Victoria, Michael Stollaire, E'lena, Chris Beirne, Chuck Eaton, Running Home, Jennie Walker, Rebecca Owen, Joe Calderone and Rob Owen. A special congrat to Joe Calderone who is for the third time one of the nominees.

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