Indie Artist of the Year 2011 Nominee

Hi Friends,                                                                                                                                          

Thanks so much again for your friendship.

Please do me a Major Favor. 

I am one of 5 nominees nominated for The Starliners Artist of the Year Indie Award 2011 in The Netherlands.

I would greatly appreciate it if you would take a moment and submit a vote. It takes LESS than a minute.

Just go to (There’s no signing up or anything):

  • Click on Starliners Indie Award 2011 “New” (which is one of the boxes underneath the title THE STARLINERS NETWORK RADIO)
  • Click on “CLICK HERE TO VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE” (center of the page)
  • Click on the colored bars
  • Click on the X next to my name.  That’s it! 

Each week the nominee with the lowest votes will be eliminated.

April 24, Voting form on the website with 5 nominees,

May 02, Voting form on website with 4 nominees, # 5 is out of the competition, count stays,

May 09, Voting form on website with 3 nominees, # 4 is out of the competition, count stays,

May 16, Voting form on website with 2 nominees, # 3 is out of the competition the count is set back to ZERO,

May 23, End of voting,

May 27, Like every Year a Big Show is broadcasted where the winner is announced.

Your time & your support are greatly appreciated:))

Many thanks,



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